You might view Pilot Service Provider, Inc. as your own personal flight department. We will serve you through every aspect of aircraft ownership, insurance, operational accounting, maintenance, pilots and crew, fuel contracts, hangar space, and trip planning. You simply let us know when and where you want to fly your jet and we make it happen. You have no hassles, no worries, but yet you always have the final say. You have complete operational control as defined by the federal aviation regulations and you are always in possession, command and control of your own aircraft.

Pilots and Crew – We hire and train aircrew to meet your personal needs. All pilots and staff are employees of Pilot Service Provider, Inc., so you do not have any of the personnel or payroll responsibilities, yet you always have the final say on what crew you want flying your aircraft.

Maintenance – We have full time maintenance professionals on staff who preform and/or oversee every maintenance event. Our Head of Maintenance is Inspection Authorization certified (FAA certified A&P IA mechanic) with over 25 years of aviation maintenance experience. We are very careful to efficiently monitor your maintenance costs while keeping safety as the top priority. We do not view our maintenance department as a profit center and as such we never add on any surcharge or markup to any part or service performed in-house. You only pay for the actual costs of the parts we use and only pay a fixed monthly amount to cover in-house maintenance service. If your plane ever needs to be serviced by outside vendors, we closely monitor the quality and costs of the outside service.

Insurance – Due to the fact that we serve multiple jet aircraft, we have been able to negotiate fleet insurance discounts. When you purchase your insurance through this arrangement, you get the full advantage of these discounts.

Accounting – Owning and operating a jet aircraft can be costly. We believe that the accounting and cost reporting for your aircraft must be thorough and completely transparent. We provide a very comprehensive set of monthly reports that show where every penny is spent. There are no hidden fees or markups. Everything is always disclosed. We have an on-staff CPA who is more than willing to work with and support your own personal CPA or other tax professional.